Quality and Expertise are what differentiates Progrow Cocopeat from others.

Quality is the foundation of Progrow Cocopeat products. Our products are produced and prepared according to the most stringent quality control standards.

Progrow Cocopeat’s sales representatives are experts in their fields. They have all been personally involved in the physical production, preparation and application of cocopeat and coconut husk based substrates for many years.

They can advise all potential customers on the following:

  1. How cocopeat and husk chips are produced and the different types and grades of cocopeat and coconut husk based substrates.
  2. Which product is best suited for their individual needs.
  3. The difference between Progrow Cocopeat substrates and other alternative growing mediums.
  4. Crop specific mixtures.
  5. How to achieve multiple crop cycles.
  6. On-going aftersales support and advise.
  7. Complete cost analysis of the various mediums.