Coconut palms are very tolerant for salts – they often grow in areas where the subsoil is high in salts. Because of this tolerance, coconut palms can easily absorb chemical elements such as potassium, sodium and chloride without being negatively affected (contrary to most plants cultivated in the horticultural sector).

Unwashed cocopeat or coconut husk chips could have an EC from 2 – 6 mS/cm. These EC levels are unsuitable for a growing medium and the salt levels have to be reduced.  Prolonged fresh water washing removes all excess salts from the cocopeat. Progrow cocopeat is extensively washed – not just 1 wash, but many washes. This ensures a very low and acceptable E.C. level.

For use as a growing medium, the EC of cocopeat should be below 1.0 mS/cm at a 1:1.5 dilution according to the Volume Extraction Method. Progrow Cocopeat has an EC of below 0.8 mS/cm.