The Progrow growbag is a convenient solution for professional growers.

Progrow growbags are available in many different sizes as well as air/water combinations, depending on the client’s requirements. Growbags are made of UV protected, black inside white outside, polythene bags. Inside the bag is placed a compressed plank of high quality cocopeat substrate. Various grades of cocopeat substrates are available depending on the climate and plant.

Stringent quality controls  ensure that there are no quality variations in the final product giving the grower 100% control and confidence with the final growbag.


  • Mainly for professional horticulture under greenhouse conditions


  • Various grades and mixtures are available, as well as Crop Specific mixtures
  • pH 5.8 – 6.2
  • Low EC <0.8 mS/cm @ 1:1.5 Volume Extraction Method.

COMMON SIZES AVAILABLE (by Length, Width & Height in cm)
Expanded Dimensions – After Saturation.

  • 100 x 20 x 3
  • 100 x 10 x 3
  • 90 x 15 x 3


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